Published on February 15th, 2019 | by Lee Davies

Bonus Podcast: Post Direct Thoughts (2019-02-15)

Bonus Podcast: Post Direct Thoughts

It’s all over. Another 3 months without a Direct 🙁 That won’t stop Darren, Greg and Lee dissecting the highs and lows of what was presented in the most recent of Directs, including the winner of our 20 questions predictions. Who could it be? Enjoy!

⦁ Intro Music: Super Mario Bros. 3 _ アスレチックBGM (Athletic Theme);
⦁ Post Direct Thoughts: 0:00:16 – 1:02:09;
⦁ Closing: 1:02:09 – 1:02:42;
⦁ Podcast Extras: 1:02:42 – 1:03:25

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