Published on June 14th, 2018 | by Jonathan

Fortnite on Switch: There’s your Megaton

In a world of data mining, leaks and spoilers, it’s easy to overlook just how big Fortnite’s appearance on the Switch actually is.

After a, well, solid Nintendo Direct at E3, it’s easy to overlook plenty of things. Yes the Smash Bros 25 minute deep dive took up far too much time and, in my opinion anyway, got boring a bit quickly, but there was plenty to look forward to as well; if nothing else re confirming we had Wolfenstein 2, Mario Tennis Aces and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate to look forward to, Crash Bandicoot and Captain Toad just around the corner as well, it wasn’t the disaster some (including our very own Dazzy) felt it had been immediately afterwards.

Coupled with the spoilers we had seen which meant anything from Star Fox GP to a new F Zero was going to be revealed, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the Megaton we all hoped for was there waiting for us all along. Fortnite. On a Nintendo console! Where’s the “it’s not something we are considering at the this time” quote from Epic games? Why aren’t they blaming an under powered console for not bringing Fortnite over to Nintendo’s hybrid that can? Oh yeah, there’s none of that, they just actually set to work and brought the biggest game in the world at this moment in time to Switch.

The problem is, thanks to data miners and people desperate to break the biggest news first, we’ve known about this for quite some time. At 5pm UK time on the 12th of June it would probably have been a bigger surprise had Fortnite NOT shown up in the Direct. And yet if I can take you to a parallel universe for just a moment where you’d heard no rumblings of this at all and had all of a sudden just seen it on the e3 Direct, make no mistake about it, Fortnite on Switch is what everyone would have been talking about as the megaton from this year’s show.

Yes, it’s been out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC already for quite some time, but if you’re a Nintendo fan reading this, those two excuses I gave earlier are what you read on a yearly basis when you find out the latest COD, Destiny or other big hitter is once again skipping a Nintendo console for one daft reason or another. And even though the Switch is an absolutely barn storming success so far, EA still seem determined to stick to their no support policy (bar FIFA), going so far as to release Unravel 2, an EA Original that’s an absolutely perfect fit for the Switch, on every console other than Switch. Even the two characters are the same colour as the neon joy cons!

So Nintendo fans take nothing for granted, especially when a game is as popular as Fortnite. It, and the battle royale genre, are the hottest things in gaming at the moment. Fortnite boasts 125 million players and approximately 3.2 million concurrent users across PC, Xbox and PS4, taking it just ahead of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which, crucially, is console exclusive to the Xbox. So it doesn’t need to come to Switch. It never had to, it could have ducked it and, because it’s so successful anyway, got away with it.

But it didn’t, it’s here, and the hottest games console of the moment now has the hottest game of the moment to play wherever you want. And with 2 million downloads in its first day on the eShop, there‚Äôs your megaton. I didn’t like the sound of Starfox GP, anyway…

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