Published on December 9th, 2017 | by Lee Davies

Is Son of Scoregasm Scoretastic?

Available now on PC/Steam for the tidy sum of £6.99, Son of Scoregasm is the sequel to Scoregasm, developed by the one man team of Charlie’s Games.

Charlie’s Games is a development studio operating since 2006 that’s based in the UK. Over the last decade, Charlie’s Games have released a number of fun, shoot-em-up titles for PC via Steam and other platforms, including Scoregasm and right now it’s sequel Son of Scoregasm, Bullet Candy, Irukandji and more. Charlie’s Games have won various awards over the years including the arcade game of the year 2011 for Scoregasm. You can check out all their games here

Son of Scoregasm features fun and frantic twin-stick gameplay throughout its 28 varied levels. Playing through the game will allow you to unlock the seven different endings, and an expert difficulty for hardcore players. It allows for full Controller support on your PC, and the fun really hits you with full online rankings bringing the bragging rights among your friends. Lastly, the story is biscuit related! What more do you want in a shooter?

This sequel has a lot of potential for fans of twin-stick, high-score chasing, shooters. Stick with us for a review heading your way soon.

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