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Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

Super Mario 3D World Box Art


Format reviewed: Wii U eShop
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Price: £49.99
Website: Official Site
Rating: 3+

Following on from the critical and commercial success of Super Mario 3D Land released on the 3DS back in November of 2011, Super Mario 3D World copies much of that template whilst adding enough variety in level design, playability and accessibility to remain engaging and fresh throughout. The biggest change is the ability for drop-in/drop-out cooperative play for up to 4 players simultaneously. Choose from Mario (all rounder), Luigi (slower, but with a higher jump), Peach (slowest, but with the ability to float for a short period of time), and Toad (fastest character, but a serious inability to jump high or long) and save the Sprixie Kingdom from the evil dominion of Bowser who has captured the 7 Sprixie Princesses.

Super Mario 3D World is a free roaming 3D platformer which
retains the mechanics of the original 2D side-scrolling Mario titles, with end of level flag poles to leap upon, a timer, shrinking Mario and a button that must be depressed allowing your character to run. The mechanics even lean on the camera control as most levels are presented from a very rigid camera angle that can be manipulated only slightly.

Super Mario 3D World 1

Power-up suits include regulars like the Mushroom, Invincibility Star, Fire Flower, etc., but also include the wonderful and new Cat Suit, Double Cherries that a produce duplicate Marios, Cannon Boxes, and many others. With 3 hidden Green Stars, and a Miiverse stamp to find in every level, speed runs on level leader boards as seen through Mii Ghosts in the level, all go to add variety to the amazing and highly varied level design. It all feels so solid and well designed when running and jumping with precision platforming as only Mario can. In addition, Captain Toad levels serve to bring even further variety to all the running and jumping by providing non-jumping levels that utilise the GamePad to navigate these smaller focused puzzle orientated levels.

With full Off-TV play and GamePad specific mechanics like blowing and touching, there’s no time like the present to delve into Mario’s sublime, and for the first time, High Definition 3D World. It all looks stunning, with beautiful textures, effects, and character design, and when all hell breaks loose it still easily manages to run at a high and consistent frame rate.

Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) Lee Davies

Super Mario 3D World

Summary: Nintendo have managed to make yet another Mario game that comes highly recommended for beginners and veterans alike to share in local multiplayer mayhem or go solo.


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  1. Darren Bolton says:

    Pikmin 3 and Mario are my personal 1, 2 🙂 Robbed.

    I think we all know what’s number 1 and 2 then. Great games of course still.

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