Published on March 30th, 2015 | by Darren Bolton

Review: Blek (Wii U eShop)



Format reviewed: Wii U eShop
Other formats available: iPad
Developer: Kuabi Brother
Publisher: Broken Rules
Price: £4.49
Website: Official Site
Rating: 12

I love puzzle games and one of  Wii U’s few blessings is the high quality and variety of puzzlers on the eShop, but Blek still manages to stand out and provide yet another excellent addition to the library, whilst also being one of the most unique of them all, utilising the gamepad perfectly.

In the game there are coloured circles you have to touch, and you have avoid the black ones; you do this by drawing on the gamepad, whatever you like, and the game continues this pattern over and over, even bouncing off the sides, until it touches the coloured circles, or you fail by touching a black one. If you draw a straight line, it’ll continue to move along, but it can be anything – a circle, a Z, a random squiggle, absolutely anything you draw will be repeated. It’s so hard to explain, you need to see it, so for the first time I’m going to put a video to show it:

At first it starts off really simple, and because you can draw anything it feels like it’s easy to solve any of the puzzles, but just over halfway through the 60 levels things take a turn for the hard, and then quickly moves into the seemingly impossible. It begins to throw new ideas at you – some circles fire a bullet to hit another circles, which means the speed of how you draw and the timing of when you complete your pattern begin to matter, that coupled with increasingly maze like patterns of black circles really do open up this incredible concept.


So the game is hard, it’s inventive and brilliant to play, a real joy comes from drawing on the screen and seeing your creation come to life to solve its puzzles, but its not gimmick, it really is a fantastic interface to create a new style of puzzler. And although it’s a port from the iPad, it really feels made for the Wii U, the precision of the Gamepad’s touchscreen improve the game immensely and other than the 3DS you couldn’t imagine a better fit. I loved this game, and although you could argue it’s a touch expensive for only 60 levels, it really is worth it. If you like puzzle games, or new experiences, then you really can’t go wrong with this.

Review: Blek (Wii U eShop) Darren Bolton

Summary: Yet another must-have puzzler on the Wii U which utilises the gamepad superbly.


Innovative and brilliant.

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