Published on February 12th, 2015 | by Lee Davies

Retro City Rampage DX Update details

Retro City Rampage 1

The rather sublime parody of classics, such as Grand Theft Auto, Retro City Rampage DX was well received upon its release. Vblank Entertainment have only today made available an update to sort out some of the minor niggles that reviewers had with the game.

For all varieties of 3DS, the game, after downloading the update, will run at a sublime 60 frames per second. There are additional improvements to be seen if you own a New 3DS. The extra grunt of the CPU has been unlocked to allow fast-forwarding, screen effects, turbo mode, and everything else that runs as smooth as the console versions. Not enough for you, well add on to that that the New 3DS’ C-Stick can be used for aiming and shooting twin-stick shooter style.

A nice addition for all the owners, and would-be owners, of this excellent top-down action game which, now, is the definitive experience of Retro City Rampage DX.

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3 Responses to Retro City Rampage DX Update details

  1. Lee Davies says:

    If you didn’t pick this game up, it definitely is worth a look. It was one of those games that came out at the wrong time as I had a heavy backlog to plough through, but it plays so much better than the original GTA games, with more of a single player story progression happening. Will be going back to this on my New 3DS to check out the twin-stick shooting. Cool update!

  2. D'anyil Landry says:

    this update is gonna be amazing!!! with the new nintendo 3DS released in North America today, I’m really hyped for the new features in the update! especially the ability to turn cop coins on and off. good luck!

  3. Lee Davies says:

    Glad you’re enjoying the game D’anyil. I’ll be firing this up, with the download in place, later today! Edit: I just read that North American 3DS users have to wait until February 19th for the update, us Europeans got lucky again it seems.

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