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FEATURE: Patch It! Mario Kart 8

fbookThe game is amazing, the new DLC is incredible, but things aren’t perfect. With Nintendo really pushing this game to be played well into the future with their crazy DLC release schedule (do they not realise we’d buy new packs every month? Don’t make us wait 6!), here are some changes we’d love to see to help that long along!

Mario Kart TV

This held so much promise, it seemed a step in the right direction with their online services, but it quickly became apparent that it was gimped to such an extent that people stopped using it very quickly. Granted, there are still some nice videos going up, but not close to the level it would if the service was a little better.


The biggest issue is that we can’t control the video, yeah we can guide it, but personally I’d use it if I could edit the videos a little more. When you look at the video editing capabilities built into the PS4, it seems a little limp when a game focussing a service on it can’t come close to it. There has been so many times I’ve wanted a little bit of a race that had an amazing moment, or wish the camera was from a different angle etc; but the game simply won’t let me. Also sometimes I just want a 5 second section, or 10. The videos are so severely limited I no longer use it or watch them at all, they’re just like replays in the game rather than specific moments someone wants me to look at. Here’s what we’d love to see changed:

  • More Editing Tools: Let us edit the videos a little more, ideally lengths of shot and when we move to another character etc, but even just basic camera control would be a bonus a big improvement.
  • Creativity: Let us write and draw on the videos (use the screen for something), and maybe even record  our own commentary. This simple level of creativity would add so much, make people share the videos on a huge level, enticing more and more people to buy and play the game.
  • Race Information: The videos don’t say lap or even place of the character; without this context the videos have no drama. Add player names, lap number and position.
  • Background uploading:  Even at first when the service was new and exciting I stopped loading videos due to the sheer amount of time it took to do it. I don’t know if it’s technically possible, but uploading in the background would be great. At the very least, allow uploads of multiple videos so we can at least just leave it going.

Battle Mode – Arenas

You must have heard the complaints about Battle Mode. Most people think it’s the worst Battle Mode there has been, primarily due t the use of tracks. Please give us Arena Battle Mode courses, make us pay for them in DLC if you must, though the mode is so ill received I think you should give us them for free. Even just a best of collection from all previous Mario Karts would be amazing, anything as long as they are much smaller arenas for us to play in. Another thing I’d personally like to see added is the option for last person standing rules. New modes would be amazing too but we don’t want to be too demanding.


Time Trials

I won’t dwell on this too much, I’ve already spoken about how to improve this here. But why can’t the MiiVerse posts from time trials put the time trial times on the post for people to see? Even better, like Iwata mentioned (though a long long time ago) why can’t the MiiVerse posts be a hyperlink directly to that time trial challenge?

Voice Chat

This is a huge issue for Nintendo full stop; but here the frustration is heightened. It’s nice to have lobby chat, but why can’t we chat in the race? It’s so frustrating only having a few seconds to converse before it just cuts out. It makes the online racing feel a little flat, especially when other consoles have implemented this in such an amazing way, going back to the Wi U feels extremely disappointing. Going on many forums this is a constant bugbear for people, and is stopping people from playing online.

Another thing you need to do is allow us to chat with friends in regional worldwide races, again, there is no logical reason to not allow this; which makes it more frustrating. Mario Kart is the party game, but if it doesn’t embrace online then it’ll lose that title. We want to play with our friends, we want to chat with our friends and there is no reason you won’t let us; exemplifying the gaming community’s belief that Nintendo are far behind the times.



Voice Chat isn’t the only issue with Mario Kart’s online, here are some smaller issues we’d love to see fixed:

  • Password Protect private Rooms: Being able to password protect private rooms would be great, sometimes we don’t want to play with ALL our friends.
  • Parties: When a group of friends want to meet up and play online in regional or worldwide it can be hard to get us all in the race due to full rooms. Allowing us to create a party (which we can then voice chat in) and go into a race together would alleviate these issues. And also allow us to move between modes – from Worldwide to non-DLC to Battle Mode; the lack of voice chat and party system means we can’t tell each other what to do or where to go, it’s a very isolating experience.
  • Next GP not Race: When people join a group, could there be an option to allow them to join the next GP rather than the next Race? This messes up the scoring and a lot of people organise leagues and tournaments.


Other Little Changes

  • Customisation: For local multiplayer and private online games it would be great to have much more comprehensive customisation. A simple tick list of each item, how many laps etc would be amazing.
  • Balance Issues: I think the one item, horn and more scarce Blue Shells are great additions, but there are a few problems that have become apparent. The Star and mushrooms are now extremely weak, a speed boost for both would be much better, making the blooper cover more of the screen would make it not utterly pointless like it is now and although it was nice to see the return of the coin, I genuinely think it causes more harm than good, it seems to be a way to make first place harder to protect, but I find it does more damage for 2nd and 3rd place, actually making it easier for 1st place to control the race. Be brave. Lose the coins!
  • Rainbow Road N64: This is way too short. Why not have 3 laps? Even 2 would be better.
  • Race Times: I really miss this, so often have I ended a race and I want to know how close I was to someone, or precisely how much I beat someone by. Please bring them back.

There it is, changes which I feel would really help make people keep playing this incredible game.  What changes would you like to see made?

Mario  Kart TV is free advertising, allowing us to make more personal videos or/and add messages would make us share this game to all our family and friends on social media. Developing battle mode and time trials would give us more modes to play with, and improving the online services would bring people back to the game who just want to play and chat with friends. It’s an incredibly important game for the Wii U, it will continue to be, so let’s make it as perfect as it can be.

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