Published on June 3rd, 2014 | by Darren Bolton

PATCH IT!! Mario Kart 8 – Time Trials


We’ll be doing another article with more things Nintendo need to patch with this game, but as a matter of urgency we needed to get this out. Nintendo, please, for the love of God, fix the travesty of Mario Kart 8 Time Trials.

There’s nothing much to say other than the whole mode is destroyed with there not being leaderboards for friends’ times, which we find utterly preposterous. Most people will defeat the Nintendo ghosts and then leave the mode there, but with leaderboards people would keep competing with family and friends.

Currently, you can see the best in the world top 10, the 10 people closest to your time, and only Friends who have a time close to yours; you can download any of these ghosts, which is great, but it’s slow, cumbersome and ultimately we want to see top 10 charts, and ALL of our friends times.

Now what makes this worse, is that Mario Kart Wii was absolutely perfect in this regard; why didn’t they just copy it? On the Wii version you could see a visual representation of where you place, which, for some bizarre reason, Nintendo love to do. You can see where you are in the world, in your territory, and among your friends. You could see all of your friends’ times, you could download them, you could even send your ghost to a friend as a challenge. It was amazing. They destroyed this mode with Mario Kart 7 and have barely recovered with 8.


It’s simple, add leaderboards so we can see the best in the world, best in our territory and, most importantly, our friends. That alone would make this mode incredible.

It’s actually quite awkward to even see your own times, there are no local leaderboards for families to compete with each other, and you have to go to each individual track and click on ‘other ghosts’… It’s like they don’t want us to play the mode or be competitive with it.

Another smaller niggle is how it forces you to post to Miiverse when uploading ghost data; you can actually press B when it does this, but it doesn’t say this, it doesn’t present posting to Miiverse as an option; it should, as it’s off-putting to upload ghosts.

But that is a small niggle, ultimately, I want to compare times with my friends easily! Bring back the Mario Kart Channel even! Please!

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5 Responses to PATCH IT!! Mario Kart 8 – Time Trials

  1. Mario says:

    Yes! I agree completely. Time trials have always been my favorite part of Mario Kart, and the lack of friends ghosts or leaderboards is quite dissapointing…there isnt even an ‘expert’ nintendo ghost, just a standard one.

  2. Tyler says:

    Okay, HOW do I get the ghosts that are just ahead of me? I’ve been wondering that since I got the game. That is MY biggest lament about the new online…I miss the “rival ghosts” that were just a bit faster than you, that you could keep downloading so you improved bit by bit. I loved that.

    Now, I can’t figure out how to do that, and even if I did get the 10 ghosts faster than me, it’s still probably within 2/1000s of a second. Yeesh.

  3. Darren Bolton says:

    They’re still there, you have to go into the other ghost menu. It’s much clumsier than it was on the wii with the excellent mario kart channel. Really wish Nintendo wouldn’t go backwards on these things…

  4. Michelle says:

    Where is the “other ghost” menu? Can’t find it anywhere. Two of us play one console and can’t even figure out how to race against each others ghost.

  5. Darren Bolton says:

    I think to race each others ghosts on the same console both players need to have a Nintendo Network ID. Ridiculous I know! But it has to get it online

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