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Christmas Gaming Gifts for the Puzzle Lover

It’s a genre of gameplay that isn’t for everyone, but some people simply can’t get enough of. So what if you’re looking at the console market this Christmas and are hoping to buy a gift for someone who just loves puzzle games? Well, there are a few great options available whether they have a Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or are looking to check out the new Wii U.

Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL – The Professor returns!

This October saw the launch of a new game in the Professor Layton series that manages to pack even more brain teasers in. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask comes with 150 puzzles for gamers to enjoy, as well as a selection of cracking mini-games to play in the Professor’s Trunk. Not only that, but from the day of its launch, there has been a daily puzzle distributed through the Nintendo Network – which will go on for 365 days in total. So what’s the story? Well this time Professor Layton teams up once more with Emmy and Luke, his trusted assistants, to help an old friend in need. Travelling to the carnival city of Monte d’Or, they will investigate the mysterious crimes of a man known only as the Masked Gentleman.

Wii U arrives – And with it comes some great titles

On November 30th, Nintendo launches Wii U and typically will be putting out a whole range of titles for people to enjoy. For those who enjoy Super Mario games, there will be New Super Mario Bros. U, which brings the popular platform action of the series to a whole new generation of players. However, the delights of the Mushroom Kingdom can also be explored in Nintendo Land, a game which takes you through 12 different Nintendo worlds and asks you to think your way through some challenging mini-games. For example, in Yoshi’s Fruit Cart, you’ll need to help Mario’s good friend guide his cart to safety through a series of landscapes and in The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest you’ll also need your lateral thinking to get you through.

All in all, there are a good number of options available to while away the hours while the Christmas dinner settles – and if someone’s ideal evening is doing this while testing their grey matter, these titles could be right up their street.

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